Value Management of Construction Projects 2nd Edition By John Kelly Steven Male Drunimond Graham

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Value Management of Construction Projects 2nd Edition By John Kelly Steven Male Drunimond Graham


1 Introduction
1.1 Definition
1.2 Developments in value management
1.3 Developments in UK construction
1.6 References
Developments in value management practice
The aims and objectives of this book
Part 1 Method and Practice
2 Developments in Value Thinking
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Background
The global development of value management
Value engineering and value management: an overview of
terminology and definitions
2.5 The international benchmarking study of value management
2.6 Conclusion
2.7 References
3 Function Analysis
3.1 Introduction
3.3 Strategies, programmes and projects
3.4 Function diagramming
3.5 Kaufman’s FAST diagramming
3.6 Functional space diagramming
3.8 Element function analysis
3.9 Element function debated
3.10 Conclusion
3.1 1 References
Strategic function analysis: the mission of the project
Elemental cost planning and elemental cost control
4 Teams, Team Dynamics and Facilitation
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Groups
4.3 Teams
4.4 Team norms
4.5 Team coherence
4.6 Leadership
4.7 Team development
4.8 Team think
4.9 Selecting team members
4.10 Facilitation
4.1 1 Facilitation defined
4.12 Identity and role of the facilitator
4.13 Facilitation styles
4.14 Team composition
4.15 Change management
4.16 Conclusion
4.17 References
5 Current Study Styles and the Value Process
Introduction 102
Benchmarked study styles, processes and deliverables 105
Other study styles 117
Value studies: a revised process 140
References 143
The value process 102
Observations from practice 121
Part 2 Frameworks of Value
6 Value Context
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Defining value
A strategic value management model
The role of value management and value engineering
7 The Project Value Chain
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Value managing projects
The project value chain and the client value system
The value thread within the single project value chain
The decision to construct/decision to build
Supply chain management in construction
Creating value opportunities in the project value chain:
value management (VM) and value engineering (VE)
8 Client Value Systems
8.1 Introduction
8.3 Quality systems
8.4 Performance indicators
8.6 Conclusion
8.7 References
Defining quality as part of value
A method for the discovery of the client’s value system
Part 3 The Future of Value Management 219
9 Professionalism and Ethics within Value Management 221
9.1 Introduction 221
9.2 The value management knowledge base: founded on theory? 221
9.3 The influence of the marketplace on the provision of value
management services
9.4 Value management: methodology, occupation or profession?
9.5 Summary and conclusions
9.6 References
10 The Future of Value Management
The development of value management
Value managing quality to deliver best value
Achievement of objectives in writing the book
Appendix 1 Toolbox
ACID test
Action plan
Client value system
Design to cost – BS EN 12973: 2000 Value Management
Document analysis
Driver analysis
Element function analysis
Facilities walkthrough
Failure mode and effects analysis – BS EN 12973: 2000 Value
Functional space analysis
Goal and systems modelling
Idea reduction: judgement
Impact mapping
Issues analysis
Lever of value
Life cycle costing
Post occupancy evaluation
Process flowcharting
Project drivers
Project execution plan (PEP)
Quality function deployment
Risk analysis and management
Site tour
SMART methodology
Spatial adjacency diagramming
Strategies, programmes and projects
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
Time, cost and quality
User flow diagramming
Value analysis – BS EN 12973: 2000 Value Management
Weighting and scoring
Whole life costing
Appendix 1 references
Appendix 2 Case Study
The case study
Area community office project: brief
VM study at elemental level
An illustration of full value management
Conclusion of case study