Pediatrics MCQs

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The nurse is teaching the parents of a 5-year-old with cystic fibrosis about respiratory treatments. Which statement indicates to the nurse that the parents understand?

  • A. Perform postural drainage before starting aerosol therapy.
  • B. Give respiratory treatments when the child is coughing a lot.
  • C. Administer aerosol therapy followed by postural drainage before meals.
  • D. Ensure respiratory therapy is done daily during any respiratory infection.
  • Correct Answer: Option C

A 4-month-old, full-term infant is seen in the well-child clinic. The nurse is most concerned when which finding is observed?

  • A. The infant's head turns to the side when a sound is made at the level of the ear
  • B. The infant's head lags when pulled from a lying to a sitting position
  • C. The infant is drooling
  • D. The infant does not focus on a toy held close to the face
  • Correct Answer: Option B

A parent of an infant born with a clubfoot asks the nurse how the deformity is usually treated. Which statement by the nurse is appropriate?

  • A. "A series of braces is used until the foot is gradually moved back into place. Then the foot is casted."
  • B. "A series of casts will be applied and changed every few days to weeks until the foot is positioned correctly, then the foot is braced."
  • C. "The infant undergoes massage to stretch the tendons of the affected foot, then is placed in the first cast at around 6 months of age."
  • D. "The infant will undergo several surgical procedures, then will be casted for several months."
  • Correct Answer: Option B

The nurse prepares discharge teaching for parents of a toddler diagnosed with nonorganic failure to thrive (NFTT). Which suggestion by the nurse is most appropriate to include about mealtimes with the parents?

  • A. Allow the toddler 10 minutes to eat each meal
  • B. Insist the toddler eat age-appropriate foods
  • C. Develop a structured routine for all activities
  • D. Invite other children to eat with the client
  • Correct Answer: Option C

A 5-month-old infant is brought to the clinic by a parent for a well-baby checkup. The nurse expects to make which observation?

  • A. The infant sits for an extended time without support
  • B. The infant transfers an object from hand-to-hand
  • C. The infant rolls to back (supine) from prone position
  • D. The infant exhibits signs of stranger anxiety when staff enter the room
  • Correct Answer: Option C

A 15-month-old client crawls but is not yet able to walk. The parents are concerned and ask the nurse if this is normal. Based on the nurse’s assessment, the toddler’s muscle tone is within normal limits, legs even, and the baby responds to visual and auditory stimuli appropriately. Which response by the nurse is accurate?

  • A. "I will refer you to a specialist." b. c. d.
  • B. "Delayed motor development is a sign of autism, prepare yourself."
  • C. "It might be wise to stop carrying the child for a while."
  • D. "Children often set their own pace."
  • Correct Answer: Option D

The nurse assesses a young child who has socialization skills characterized by associative play, eagerness to please the parents, and a strong identification with the parent. At which age are these behaviors most consistent will normal developmental activities?

  • A. 2 years
  • B. 3 years
  • C. 4 years
  • D. 5 years
  • Correct Answer: Option D

When assessing the 9-month-old client, the nurse expects which reflex to be present?

  • A. Babinski
  • B. Moro
  • C. Tonic neck
  • D. Palmer
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Which action does the nurse take to minimize separation anxiety experienced by a toddler client?

  • A. Assigns different nurses until the toddler responds to one
  • B. Reassures the parents that the toddler is adjusting well
  • C. Brings other children in to visit and play with the toddler
  • D. Encourages familiar objects or toy be brought from home
  • Correct Answer: Option D

An adolescent client is evaluated for scoliosis. The client asks the nurse, “What is scoliosis?” Which statement by the nurse best describes scoliosis?

  • A. "It is an inward curvature of the lower spine."
  • B. "It is an exaggerated convexity in the thoracic region of the spine."
  • C. "It is the herniation of an intervertebral disc."
  • D. "It is a lateral curvature of a portion of the spine."
  • Correct Answer: Option D