Physiology MCQs

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The student next to you, realising that there is an examination question on acid base balance, begins nervously hyperventilating and then faints. You make him breathe into a paper bag and he recovers. If you had drawn and analysed his blood when he fainted you would have expected to see

  • A. decreased pH, elevated pCO2
  • B. decreased pH, decreased pCO2
  • C. elevated pH, decreased pCO2
  • D. elevated pH, elevated pCO2
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Which of the following statements about severe diarrhoea is FALSE?

  • A. It causes metabolic acidosis
  • B. It results from excessive HCO3 loss from the GI-tract
  • C. It leads to inhibition of the peripheral chemoreceptors
  • D. It is compensated by HCO3
  • Correct Answer: Option D

The ureters:

  • A. Propel urine from the uretero-vesical junction towards the renal pelvis
  • B. Contain smooth and skeletal muscle in its wall
  • C. Propel urine by a process of peristalsis
  • D. are located at the end of the urinary tract after the bladder
  • Correct Answer: Option C


  • A. Is brought about by relaxation of the urinary bladder
  • B. Is brought about via sympathetic fibres in the hypogastric nerve
  • C. Is brought about via sacral parasympathetic fibres
  • D. Is measured by the volume of excreted urine
  • Correct Answer: Option C

After 24 hrs of lack of drinking fluids, your body response is expected to include the following EXCEPT:

  • A. Increased plasma osmolality
  • B. Increased blood pressure
  • C. Decreased urine volume
  • D. Increased thirst stimulus
  • Correct Answer: Option B

A rapid loss of one litre of blood

  • A. Increases the cardiac output
  • B. Is corrected by ADH secretion
  • C. Is associated with a rise of plasma renin production
  • D. Increases arterial blood pressure.
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Which of the following statements about aldosterone is CORRECT?

  • A. It is produced by the lungs.
  • B. It acts upon the proximal tubules of the nephron.
  • C. It increases Na secretion by the kidney
  • D. Renin and angiotensin are involved in its control.
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Fluid in the proximal tubule lumen from a health kidney

  • A. has a [Na ] about twice that of plasma
  • B. has a pH of about 5.0
  • C. contains significant levels of plasma proteins
  • D. remains isotonic throughout
  • Correct Answer: Option D

The filtration barrier in glomerular capillaries:

  • A. Is impermeable to H
  • B. Is regulated by hormones
  • C. Allows white blood cells to enter the filtrate
  • D. Is determined mainly by podocytes
  • Correct Answer: Option D

.Glomerular filtration rate

  • A. is about 20 ml/min in healthy adult human kidneys
  • B. can be measured by the clearance rate of creatinine
  • C. is dependent on the value of arterial blood pressure
  • D. is a measure of active secretion from blood to the renal nephrons e) is increased during renal failur
  • Correct Answer: Option B