Workshop Practice Series 28 Simple Workshop Devices

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Workshop Practice Series 28 Simple Workshop Devices



Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Getting Hold of the Job
The thinpiece vice
Circular work in the drilling vice
Thinning washers (Turner’s cement)
A soldering and brazing clamp
Packing for the machine vice
Jigs and Fixtures
Why use jigs?
Co-ordir;1ate setting out
Location jigs
Eccentric rod jig
A brazing jig
A cylinder boring fixture and alignment jig
A bearing boring fixture
Fixture for machining double eccentrics
A collet converting fixture
Round and About the Lathe
The ball centre
Setting over the tailstock
The spring centre
Drilling an arbor for a draw bar
Turning fish-bellied rods
Crankshaft machining aids
A centre-height gauge and scriber
A micrometer screwcutting depth stop
Using 8mm watchmaker’s collets in a
No. 2 Morse socket
A headstock length stop
A milling spindle drive or overhead
A truly mobile handrest
Section 4
Rigidity of lathe tools
Tangential tooling
‘Gibraltar’ – a really rigid toolpost
Taking very fine cuts – ‘shaving’
Heavy drilling in the lathe
Cutting fluids and accessories
Splash guards
Extended chuck guard
Milling machine vice tray
Leadscrew guard
My reminder
Protecting the taper sockets of the lathe
Milling machine spindle speeds
, Filing buttons
Making hollow mills or rosebits
A holder for throwaway endmills
A micrometer scribing block
Dividing from the chuck
Straightening copper tube
Cutting and threading copper tube
Awkward nuts
Catching rings and washers
Chatter on boring bars
My blackboard