Workshop practice series 18 Basic Benchwork

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Workshop practice series 18 Basic Benchwork



CHAPTER 1 Introduction
CHAPTER2 Materials
CHAPTER3 Reading engineering drawings
CHAPTER4 Hacksaws
CHAPTER 5 Files and filing
CHAPTERS Hammers, chisels and punches
CHAPTER7 Scrapers and scraping
CHAPTERS Measuring
CHAPTERS Marking out
CHAPTER 10 Drills and reamers
CHAPTER 11 Screwed fastenings, spanners, screwdrivers and pliers
CHAPTER 12 Taps and dies
CHAPTER 13 Riveting
CHAPTER14 Soft soldering
CHAPTER15 Silver soldering, brazing, bronze welding and
engineering adhesives
CHAPTER 16 Welding
CHAPTER17 Hardening and tempering tools
CHAPTER1S Keys, keyways, splines, collars and shafts
CHAPTER 19 Sheet metalwork