Workshop Practice Series 07 The Art of Welding

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Workshop Practice Series 07 The Art of Welding



The art of welding wrought iron has
been practiced by village smiths in their
forge fires for centuries; many beautiful
examples of their work remain, most
commonly in wrought iron gates which
can be seen in almost all historic buildings
in many countries. Gas and electric
arc welding are, however, comparatively
recent developments and in the
Introduction their history is briefly outlined.
This book (The Art of Welding, for I
maintain that it is an art) does not set
out to be an exhaustive treatise on the
subject but more of a useful discussion
of a process ever more widely used and
developed in industry, in an easily read
and understood form for the novice,
who may never actually have seen a
welding blowpipe or electric arc being
used. It is thus written in as nontechnical
a way as is consistent with
clarity, steering clear of jargon as far as
Welding has by no means reached
the limit of its possibilities, and indeed
it could be said that its application to
engineering and similar spheres of activity
is still in its infancy. I venture to
predict that it will be still more widely
used in many ways in the future. However,
the present purpose is to help
those who are strangers to welding but
for one reason or another have become
interested; this might include those
who have just started a course in
practical welding, or possibly someone
from management who needs to acquaint
himself with the broad outline of
the subject, or even the amateur who
wishes to follow up this absorbing
activity with an eye to its creative metalwork
possibilities or its application to
model engineering.
Some readers may have already have
complete gas or arc welding outfits, or
may be about to purchase equipment,
and to these I would say please, please
read the notes on Safety. Welding is
fascinating but it does involve certain
hazards and risks can be reduced or
avoided by such simple steps as always
having a fire extinguisher handy,
having the key in position on the acetylene
cylinder and similar commonsense
In preparing the book I have been
greatly encouraged by the assistance of
the Engineering Industry Training
Board, who kindly consented to the use
of a number of the excellent illustrations
from their basic manuals, and the
Murex Division of B.O.C. Limited who
have helped with other illustrations.