The CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Second Edition By Frank Kreith

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The CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Second Edition By Frank Kreith



The purpose of the second edition of the CRC Handbook of Mechanical Engineering is to continue
providing practicing engineers in industry, government, and academia with up-to-date information on
the most important topics of modern mechanical engineering. The book covers traditional topics such
as thermodynamics, solid and fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, materials, controls, energy con-
version, manufacturing and design, robotics, environmental engineering, economics and project man-
agement, patent law, and transportation. These topics were covered in the first edition, but they have
been updated, new references have been added, and efforts have been made to provide information on
computer technology related to the topics at the end of each chapter.
But in the 10 years since the first edition of this handbook was published, changes have taken place
in engineering and technology and additional topics that were not treated in the first edition have come
to the fore. To bring the new edition up-to-date, chapters on topics such as nanotechnology, MEMS,
electronic packaging, global climate change, electric and hybrid vehicles, and bioengineering have been
added. Moreover, the editorial supervision for the second edition has been broadened by the addition
of Yogi Goswami as co-editor.
In a work of the size of the second edition of this handbook, it is unavoidable that certain errors or
omissions may have occurred. Therefore, the editors appreciate the readers calling any of these short-
comings to their attention and every effort will be made to correct them. We also welcome continuous
feedback from readers about topics that may have been omitted and should be considered for inclusion
in future editions of this work.
The editors would like to thank all the contributors, as well as the CRC staff, especially Helena Redshaw,
Jessica Vakili, Cindy Carelli, and Susan Fox, for their assistance in the preparation of this handbook.