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While charging accumulators, one should

  • A. check the acid level with a lighted match
  • B. short cells to see if they are full charged
  • C. keep them in a well-ventilated space
  • D. connect and disconnect them with the supply on
  • Correct Answer: Option C

The advantage of the iron-nickel over the lead-acid battery is that

  • A. it has much higher efficiency
  • B. it needs less maintenance
  • C. the cell voltage of the iron-nickel battery is higher
  • D. it is much cheaper
  • Correct Answer: Option B

A cell which is used as voltage reference source for instrument calibration is

  • A. solar cell
  • B. dry cell
  • C. mercury-cadmium cell
  • D. nickel-cadmium cell
  • Correct Answer: Option C

A fuel cell converts ___ energy into electrical energy.

  • A. mechanical
  • B. magnetic
  • C. chemical
  • D. solar
  • Correct Answer: Option C

During the charging period of a lead-acid battery, the charging rate is lowered to prevent violent gassing because

  • A. the gasses given off are explosive
  • B. evaporation of the electrolyte will weaken its effect
  • C. the cells will be subjected to excessive pressure
  • D. violent gassing tends to wash the active material from the plates
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Which of the following affects the capacity of a lead-acid battery?

  • A. temperature
  • B. discharge time
  • C. specific gravity
  • D. all of these
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Separators in storage battery cell are designed to prevent plates from

  • A. touching the electrolyte
  • B. touching the container
  • C. shorting together
  • D. shorting to the sediment
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Charging a lead-acid cell causes the electrolyte to become

  • A. stronger
  • B. stable
  • C. weaker
  • D. water
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Which of the following is a primary cell

  • A. mercury oxide
  • B. lead-acid
  • C. nickel-iron-alkaline
  • D. nickel-cadmium-alkaline
  • Correct Answer: Option A

A partially discharged lead storage battery may be brought back to full charge by

  • A. adding sulphuric acid
  • B. adding distilled water
  • C. applying ac voltage across the terminals
  • D. applying dc voltage across the terminals
  • Correct Answer: Option D