Soil Mechanics Calculations Principles andMethods Victor N Kaliakin

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Soil Mechanics Calculations Principles andMethods Victor N Kaliakin


The first course in soil mechanics typically proves to be challenging for
undergraduate students. This is due to the fact that soils are three-phase particulate
materials, and thus must be treated differently than other engineering
materials that undergraduates are introduced to as part of their curriculum. The
situation is further complicated by the need to account for the presence of pore
fluid, both under hydrostatic and transient conditions, as well as the subject of
shear strength.
One of the biggest difficulties in teaching soil mechanics is the lack of lecture
time in which to present a sufficient number of example problems, with varying
degrees of difficulty, that illustrate the concepts associated with the subject. This
book has been written to address the aforementioned shortcoming. It presents
worked example problems that will facilitate a student’s understanding of topics
presented in lecture. This book is not meant to replace existing soil mechanics
textbooks but to serve as a supplementary resource.