Secrets of 5 Axis Machining

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Secrets of 5 Axis Machining



Are you utilizing5 -axism achining?C ouldy our shopb enefitf rom the efficiency
and powert hat 5-axism achiningo ffers?T he majorityo f peoplen ot embracingth is
technologyla cka true understandingo f 5-axisp racticesT. herea re manyc ommon
misconceptionosn the subject,a nd the intento f this booki s to demvstifv5 -axis
machininga nd bring it withint he reacho f anyonei nterestedin usingt he technology
to its full potentialT. he informationp resentedin this bookw as gatheredd uring
30 yearso f hands-one xperiencein the metal-workingm anufacturingin dustrybridgingc
ountriesc, ontinentsa, nd multiplel anguages(b oth humana nd G-code.)
The authorw orkedi n Hungart GermanyC, anadaa, nd the USA,s pecializingin
multiaxiss olutionsH, e spentm anyy earss ettingu p, programminga, nd reparnng
CNCe quiprnent,a nd has used a number of different CAD/CA|Ys ystems. He has
workeda s a self-employedm ultiaxisc onsultanta, s well as djrecuyf or CGTech(t he
makerso f VERICUT@an) d CNCS oftwareI nc. (the makerso f ttastercamo.)
The authorh as instructedc ountlessm ultiaxist rainingc lasseso vert he pastd ecade,
Thesec lassesc overedt opicss ucha s operatingC NCe quipment,p rogramming
CNCe quipment,b oth manuallya nd with CAD/CAMs ystems,a nd bujldingv irtual
machinesw ith differentv erifications ystems.T hrought he years,t he authorh as met
manyp rofessionalasr oundt he world and has comet o a realizationth at they atl
havet he sameq uestionsm, isconceptionsa,n d concernsw, hen it comest o 5-axis
machiningT. he needf or unbiasedin formationo n the subjectb ecamea pparent.
Up to this point,t he bestw ay to get informationo n 5-axism achiningw as to talk
to peers in the industry in the hope that they would share what thev had learned,
Visitingi ndustriatlr ades howsa nd talkingt o machinet ool and CAD/CAI4ve ndors
are othero ptions- exceptt hat thesep eoplea ll givet heir individuapl ointso f view
and will promotet heir own machineo r solution.E verybodvc laimst o havet he best
mouse-trapa, nd it is left to the individuatlo chooset he right one.
Thisb ooki s not a trainingm anualf or any particularm achineo r CAD/CAMs ystem.
Ratheri,t is an overviewo f multiaxism achinet yDesa nd the commonc ontrol
methodst hat CAD/CAMs ystemsu set o drivet he machinesT. he bookw ill guidey ou
throught his realm,f rom basict o complexc onceptsa, nd will providei nformation
to helpy ou chooset he rightt ools,i ncludingth e machine,w ork-holdingm ethod,
CAD/CAMs ystem,a nd machines imulationp ackageth at will bests uit your specific
applicationT. he bookc ontainsn umerousi llustrationtso helpy ou to precisely
implementt heset ools