Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms By K K Ramalingam

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Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms By K K Ramalingam



This revised edition of the book “HANDBOOK OF MECHANICAL
ENGINEERING TERMS” is expected to be a source of information for
students, teaching faculties and practicing engineers in the field of mechanical
About three hundred and fifty terms have been added in this revised edition.
Every effort has been made to include the terms in current use.
Suggestions and comments are welcomed from the readers, which may help
to improve this handbook.


This handbook has been prepared to meet the need of an up-to-date
authoritative, yet concise compilation of the salient terms associated with
the broad field of Mechanical Engineering. This handbook is intended to
serve a twofold purpose.
First, it concentrates on and presents a brief description of the most important
currently used terms. It will give the reader a true and full understanding and
background of the meaning of the words that sooner or later will be needed
in any occupation or trade.
One point has been kept in mind, during the preparation of this handbook,
that will, cause it to differ from other works of its class. This is accomplished
by dividing the book into twenty six parts. These parts cover most of the
spectrum of Mechanical Engineering. In each part, the various terms have
been listed alphabetically.
Second, the book is available as in the general ready reference for the students
and engineers of various courses and fields pertaining to Mechanical
Engineering. It provides, in one convenient source, the brief explanations
scattered in various text books, reference books handbooks and journals.
Every effort has been made to include terms in current use. All definitions
have been expressed as clearly and simply as possible. Care has been exercised
to avoid errors.
Suggestions and comments are heartily welcomed from the readers which
may help to improve further editions of this handbook.


Preface to the Second Edition v
Preface to the First Edition
1. General 1–10
2. Materials 11–37
3. Material Properties 39–52
4. Processes 53–66
5. Machines and Devices 67–78
6. Machine Components and Attachments 79–91
7. Tools and Cutters 93–107
8. Instruments and Gauges 109–114
9. Casting 115–127
10. Welding 129–140
11. Heat and Surface Treatments 141–146
12. Mechanics of Machines 147–156
13. Material Handling 157–168
14. Friction, Lubrication and Bearings 169–178
15. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 179–194
16. Fuels and Combustion 195–209
17. Steam Boilers 211–222
18. Steam Engines and Steam Turbines 223–232
19. Gas Turbines 233–244
20. Internal Combustion Engine Parts 245–264
21. Spark Ignition Engines 265–278
22. Compression Ignition Engines 279–287
23. Two Wheelers 289–299
24. Automotive Vehicles 301–331
25. Air Compressors 333–338
26. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 339–355