Chemical Reactions by George

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Chemical Reactions by George


THE central idea of this book is the development of a
general theory of reactions which will include both in
organic and organic reactions . The fundamental view upon
which this theory is based is the addition ” theory accord
ing to which when two or more substances react a primary
addition i s the first step. This theory is not new. It has
been used in more or less isolated cases for a number of
reactions and may have been suggested as of general appli
cability. As far as the writer is aware, however, this i s the
first time that it is published in an extended form with
modern conceptions of chemical structures, which them
selves rest upon the development of valence views .
The modern interest in valence appears to have started
in 1899 when Thiele published his paper on partial valence .
Some years later, 1904, J. J. Thomson suggested the basic
ideas of the electron conception of valence, but applied
these to very few cases . From that time on, the’ electron
conception of valence occupied the minds of a number of
chemists who attempted its application as shown in sporadic
publications . Professor Nelson and the writer believe that
they were the first, dating from 1909 on, to publish extended
applications of the electron conception of valence to organi c
as well as to inorganic compounds and reactions, and to
develop certain lines of chemical theory from this point of
view. In the development of these views, they travelled
over a certain course of chemical thinking. Unquestion
ably, others have followed the same or similar lines of
ght and reached similar con
clusions . Among those
who have published along these lines may be mentioned