Centrifugal Pump Handbook Third Edition By Sulzer Pumps

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Centrifugal Pump Handbook Third Edition By Sulzer Pumps



This new edition of the Centrifugal Pump Handbook takes full account
of the recent progress that has been made in pump construction and
. Close contact with the market has opened up new fields of application.
. Consistent evaluation of operating experience, backed by continuous
collaboration with pump users has led to the improved operating performance
and reliability.
. Intensified research and development using powerful computer
modeling tools in areas such as cavitation, rotor dynamics and materials
technology have led to steep rises in output.
The aim of the Handbook is to provide an overview of the current state
of the art in pump construction. It is intended for planners and operating
companies alike. To make the content accessible we have included the
most important information but in some instances limited the degree of
detail provided to that we believe is most commonly required.
All the experience gained by ourselves and others in the industry has
been assembled and related to various common fields of application.
Problem aspects such as cavitation, erosion, selection of materials, rotor
vibration behavior, forces acting on pumps, operating performance in
various systems, drives, acceptance testing and many more are dealt
with in detail.
The Handbook is the product of collaboration by many members of
the Sulzer Pumps team and we take this opportunity to thank all our
personnel for their support in this project.