AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015

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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015

This book should be read by anyone who needs or wants to begin learning
AutoCAD Civil 3D. It’s appropriate for ages ranging from high school to
retirement, and although it’s intended for those who have no experience or
skill with Civil 3D, it can also serve as a great resource for refreshing your
knowledgebase or filling in any gaps. In addition, this book can be used
as a resource for preparing to take the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 Certified
Professional exam. See for more certification
information and resources. You can also refer to this book’s appendices
to see which certification topics are covered and where they can be found in
the book.
In addition to those pursuing a certification, here are some specific examples
of individuals who would benefit from reading this book:
▶▶ High-school students following a design-related educational track
▶▶ College students learning to be designers or engineers
▶▶ Employees who have recently joined a company that utilizes
Civil 3D
▶▶ Employees who work for companies that have recently implemented
Civil 3D
▶▶ Experienced Civil 3D users who are self-taught and who want to fill
in gaps in their knowledgebase
What You Will Learn
This book covers the basic skills and concepts needed to begin using Civil 3D to
design land development projects. The concepts include those related to Civil 3D
as well as those related to civil engineering and surveying in general. It doesn’t
cover all topics or all Civil 3D features, but it provides a solid foundation you can
use to perform basic tasks. This foundation can then serve as a stepping-off point
as you learn more advanced skills and work toward an in-depth understanding of
Civil 3D.
The first two chapters will give you a basic understanding of Civil 3D and help
you to understand and appreciate how it “thinks.” The remaining 16 chapters will
teach you how to use the tools that Civil 3D provides to complete a typical land
development design project.

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