Workshop Practice Series 04 Foundrywork for the Amateur

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Workshop Practice Series 04 Foundrywork for the Amateur



An introduction to the art.
Crucibles and their care.
Melting facilities. Simple crucible furnaces. A
“monolithic” furnace. The use of solid fuel.
Provision of forced draught.
Moulding sands. The essential quaUties. Types
of sand. Sand miXlures. Making oilsand. Bond.
Reference to loam and Randupson process.
The “flask”. Home made wooden moulding
boxes. The “snap” flasks. Brass founders’ flask.
Metal moulding boxes.
Pattern making. Allowance for comractlon.
Coreboxes and core making. Painting of
Making a mould. Ramming. Venting. Provision
of runner and riser. Feeding heads. Rapping. Use
of parting powders and liquid parting. Baked
moulds. Repairing a damaged mould.
Notes on the melting of iron and aluminium and
cuprous alloys. Stirrers. skimmers and plungers.
Fluxes and inoculants. Tongs. Refractory
How to build a miniature drop-bottom cupola for
melting iron. Operation and maintenance.
Appendix ‘Where do I get it?”