Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering Fifth Edition

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Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering Fifth Edition


This book and interactive Web site is intended for use as both an undergraduate-
level and a graduate-level text in chemical reaction engineering. The level
will depend on the choice of chapters, the Professional Reference Shelf (PRS)
material (from the companion Web site) to be covered, and the type and degree
of difficulty of problems assigned. It was written with today’s students in
mind. It provides instantaneous access to information; does not waste time on
extraneous details; cuts right to the point; uses more bullets to make information
easier to access; and includes new, novel problems on chemical reaction
engineering (e.g., solar energy). It gives more emphasis to chemical reactor
safety (Chapters 12 and 13) and alternative energy sources—solar (Chapters 3,
8, and 10) and biofuel production (Chapter 9). The graduate material on topics
such as effectiveness factors, non-ideal reactors, and residence time distribution
is in Chapters 14–18 and now includes the software solutions for maximum
mixedness and segregation models. A draft version of this book was class
tested at the University of Michigan and other leading universities; then the
text was further revised, taking into account the suggestions of more than
100 students. Much of the material was revised and reworked based on that